Friendship is the only relationship that we choose consciously for ourselves. Some people are meant to come into our lives and to whom we are attracted due to our energies…they are said to be destined!!

Feb 2006 was a life-changing year for me, as I moved from India to Uk. New country, new culture, new people and new to English Weather, of course!! when we say I am more adaptable and more flexible than others but we don't know if that really is true, till we actually put that into practice.

Anyways, Weather can be a big factor to change…

Never thought I will be so much online or you could say caught up with the Generation of Internet … Enabling doers !!

My Mac world….

I don’t see money anymore… into my physical world!! Money flows into my bank account and all direct debits are set. I can purchase everything online from food to daily necessary things at home or booking a ticket for any family member. I don’t have to queue anywhere. All applications are online for jobs, passports, or visas, or inquiries. My lives revolve around personal emails to professional emails to subscriptions to apps and one more addition in…

True love is divinely guided. It’s pure, unconditional, boundless, deep love.

We shared a beautiful energies full of passion, intimacy, attraction and full of love accepting each other as we saw each other. Irrespective of our distance we did feel each other and can sense our energies. Even if we look into each other eyes we didn’t even need to talk. This was really amazing and real.

I never felt this, what I have with you.Of course this was new and scary, I can see what I never thought I will ever find.I was scared to lose it.

No doubt…

What this really means… ‘I am enough’?

Self discipline, Self awareness,Self development and believe in yourself

Our mind is a constant chatterbox. What you tell yourself, about yourself can change your daily life drastically. From the time we are born, our mind starts wandering, to feed on new things. Our parents, our society, our geolocation everything shapes and form us. When I look back in my past growing up days, I feel like my mind was feed with all standardise concept about me, of course in some aspect (wrong or right). The most important aspect for my self development probably. All these things build up your personality. …

The Aquarius age begins…..

Together we are like a ocean…

In 2019, I was reading around in astrology/astronomy that soon the new era is going to start with an Aquarius age. But hardly I realise its just near by..2020!!

Every Time period is associated with an Era of influencing energy related to zodiac signs or planets. Currently with 2020 we are moving into Aquarian age showing us change in a revolution style. Change in society, change the way we live, change the way we think as in terms of religion, culture or upbringing. This Aquarius time period is going to uproot us from traditional living. …

Meenakshi Malthane


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