Caught up in a Generation of Computers, Online…..Enable Doers

Meenakshi Malthane
3 min readJan 9, 2021


Never thought I will be so much online or you could say caught up with the Generation of Internet … Enabling doers !!

My Mac world….

I don’t see money anymore… into my physical world!! Money flows into my bank account and all direct debits are set. I can purchase everything online from food to daily necessary things at home or booking a ticket for any family member. I don’t have to queue anywhere. All applications are online for jobs, passports, or visas, or inquiries. My lives revolve around personal emails to professional emails to subscriptions to apps and one more addition in the lockdown online meetings on zoom. It just not my account but family accounts to manage online. Managing all these accounts online is scary and don’t know how I do it…Never thought I will be so much online or you could say caught up with the Generation of the Internet …

More addition to this…. online schooling in lockdown, what else you could wish, the least expected. More workload added to our Generation….

when I started with computers, at least I knew how far this relationship could go far. I imagined only till I pass this certification or job or some software to learn. But it didn’t end there as the Internet age strike, computers become an integral part of our lives. Now the most important part of my life. Every and each decision made went through a google search window. If your profession is linked to Technology it's hard to come out of this world!

Previous generations had a set of lifestyles and goals. Study, job, marriage, children, and go retire. I don’t see myself retiring in this world of the Internet.

Office-Home-Office for a large group of males. Homemakers and part-time or administrative work for females were most common in previous generation times. Life was measured into a Box to fit in. Taking care of grandparents, kids grew old with the neighborhood and join families were commonly seen. Childhood was a natural flow of life limited to friends, family, and community. I thought adult life should be the same for me. But the Internet changed my life, life doesn’t fit into that box anymore.

What is real the physical or the imaginary? The physical is converting into imaginary. Try new recipes more into the real physical world, online meet up for webinars or social meet for birthdays, or anniversaries or online prayers. We no longer touch money because it is so digital. I am practicing the art of balancing, I have to behave like a human, not a robot. Exercise, nutritious food, less plastic, less shopping, commit work on git regularly, clean up a home more physical, and emails too. Make sure you get your digital money. Code, code, and code till you get to retire one fine day. At this time I don’t think I will ever retire. probably teaching grandchildren how to code or manage money, data, emails, and subscriptions, passwords, accounts online.

If you live in developed countries such as England you could feel this much stronger. But this should follow all over the world soon….or already inline.

The future generation looks like living in their busy minds on the internet. Online gaming, music, e-books, youtube videos, online learning on BBC, digital art the list goes on…If you have kids age 10 or 11 you couldn’t agree more. Balancing the previous generation's lifestyle with the new generation's lifestyle is a big task. Which is our way out? As such is not defined, we are caught between the two big worlds!!

Meow! I love cat life…Can I say that, not sure ahaha…