“I am Enough”

Meenakshi Malthane
4 min readAug 16, 2020


What this really means… ‘I am enough’?

Self discipline, Self awareness,Self development and believe in yourself

Our mind is a constant chatterbox. What you tell yourself, about yourself can change your daily life drastically. From the time we are born, our mind starts wandering, to feed on new things. Our parents, our society, our geolocation everything shapes and form us. When I look back in my past growing up days, I feel like my mind was feed with all standardise concept about me, of course in some aspect (wrong or right). The most important aspect for my self development probably. All these things build up your personality. If you are more than average intellect, you are affected less but it does impact our emotional and psychological upbringing.

Recently I joined a quest for “ Uncompromised life ” by Marisa Peer on Mindvalley community. She is a well known Hypnotherapist, author and speaker in Britain and now around the globe. The author herself describes how she faced low self confidence because how parents, relative or the society interprets you which leds to your mind perceiving it. In the quest marisa, explains how to train your brain daily to believe in yourself and talk to our mind saying — “ I am Enough”. Self-acceptance belief…

We do chatter in our mind but those things which we are told by others. Instead of this, we should chatter to ourself what we deserve and conscious believe about our self. we are lovable,kind, we are strong to face challenges with grace.How to invest in ourself, the mind learns by repetition. Avoid criticism and accept praise. Learn to praise yourself.How to develop mind and continuously support it to develop and better version of yourself.

How this affected me ?

After the quest, I realise no one taught me how exactly train my brain. Of course people say do meditation, do concentration or you need to focus. But how to do these things and make it a discipline and believe in it is a continuous challenge. Discipline was always challenging for me all my life. Physically you can discipline yourself but that is not enough. You have to discipline emotional and mental energies as well. All my childhood and growing up time my quest was to satisfy my parents or relatives or friends or society.The quest was not really about what I want from my life for myself. No one cared for this or sincerely ask me about this.

This quest teaches us how to make the unfamiliar, familiar. Change your believes, which change your habits and over the period of time these habits make you amazing.

What is unfamiliar -

Put yourself first, Live life without compromise, Praise yourself, I deserve this relationship, do all challenging things first, taking risk, determine to be successful. Accept the transformation within you only you can do it for yourself, I am lovable,kind and beautiful.Make your believes…

What is familiar -

Constant criticism, judging yourself by you or others,constant eager to prove oneself, I am not good enough, I need to do more, I don’t fit in the crowd, affected by being rejected, take for granted, negative talk, procrastination.

Brain returns to what it is familiar —

I learn how to manipulate the brain into positive thinking and put efforts into self development, wellbeing and happiness.Investing in oneself. Wiring your brain to have more and more pleasure in simple things.Do unfamiliar and hard things in life. Take all challenges, take possible risk. Don’t give up on your dreams. Planning, small goals led to big goals in long term. I am born for a reason, this life is given by the divine and I have to fulfill my life purpose.

If anyone is with you or not. You are not what you gathered around.I don’t need to please anyone — I am enough. Don’t any criticism let in. ‘Sorry this is not for me. Let this be with you only”.

Daily communicating with the mind to focus on positive things and put it into action.I am good,funny,attractive and charming. I love my job, I am happy.

Do new you — Exercise, healthy habits, foods, meditate, painting,journal writing, do your chaos first.. and get ample of time for your hobbies. We can teach our children how to look at oneself. How to face criticism, rejection and bullying. You are phenomenal doing a wonderful job!!

you don’t have to spend money to feel the worth, shopping maniac to fulfil oneself, eating too much just to feel enough, workaholic which makes them keep going to feel I am not enough.

First you start believing it, it automatically sinks in with repetition in the brain.

You are enough… believe in this!!

Be a part of a community — you can join the quest at mindvalley.

The author gives ample of example with a lot of her clients, they feel not good enough, facing challenges with self believe, rejection and judgment.

I shared my experience, you can share yours….