New Era Starts with 2020 — Aquarius age begins!!

Meenakshi Malthane
3 min readAug 1, 2020

The Aquarius age begins…..

Together we are like a ocean…

In 2019, I was reading around in astrology/astronomy that soon the new era is going to start with an Aquarius age. But hardly I realise its just near by..2020!!

Every Time period is associated with an Era of influencing energy related to zodiac signs or planets. Currently with 2020 we are moving into Aquarian age showing us change in a revolution style. Change in society, change the way we live, change the way we think as in terms of religion, culture or upbringing. This Aquarius time period is going to uproot us from traditional living. We will be going to sci-fi ruled world of new technology for the betterment of the whole.

The energies we are going to play with are Uranus and Saturn. All good tradition and culture we will preserve. Help the poor, needy and bringing equality. We going to play with new era of automated technologies — electric cars, moon trips, flying cars, cloud computing, sharing resources on git-hub and other platforms in a large scale. Taking care of planet and living in as a universal family.

As 2020 started, we got the initial shake up with covid-19. Even previous years had some shake ups but it didn’t affect the humans in all angles or all over the planet. This has really shaken us up in a real sense. It’s good to get up now and do the right thing. Shed your old skin. Be ready for a new one, definitely all your efforts are required. Listen to your subconscious and follow that consciously. From our believes and habits everything is going to evolve. we are here to evolve and make the planet earth a better place to live and let live.

We are all spiritual being, and it comes to us in all different ways. It is going to helps us to make the best of our decisions. We need to learn to listen to that.

We have to be like a river and flow. change our turns as needed. Flexibility is the key. How to be more productive and simultaneously enjoy the life the way it is. Change our believes and it will change our habits. And our habits will make us. Exercise, eating habits, cleaning habits, waste management, avoiding plastic, recycle, taking care of our ecosystem, consciously living in the moment, not the past or the future. This comes through meditation and healing. A lot of healers are going to happen in this time period. This will create a new you.

All the hidden elements on the planet are going to come to the surface. All sandals are going to be expose. All bad done from the ego perspective will be punished. Saturn is around so justice will prevail. Uranus the creator of new will enhance our lives in something new, which I still don’t know. Sudden surprises are yet to come…..see what happens ahead!!

Aqua will bring togetherness, love as a whole, equality, fighting for justice, working towards new discoveries, removing the old and useless. The energies are going to force and push us to change. Just wait and watch …. the movie begins!!