Paradise on Earth — Switzerland

Meenakshi Malthane
6 min readAug 6, 2022


Welcome to my bliss !!, a feeling when you meet peace and tranquility.

On my first holiday, thinking about where should I go. And I have planned myself from scratch, sounds exciting but the fear of getting messed up was overwhelming. (does happen due to overthinking habits).

Most people suggested going swiss, and undoubtedly that was the best option. I feel travel is one way to rediscover oneself and look at the world differently.

I didn’t have the experience of planning any foreign travel as such. So I did some research and book our tickets in Dec 2017 for Zurich and search for hotels in Interlaken, just randomly got a deal and this was for the April Easter holidays booked. I just need a damn holiday seriously. So the next question what should we do there? The next thing to do is book attractions.

Expedia zindabad… book a few places, and hotels and thought train travel should be excellent. It's just a 1-hour flight journey from London to Zurich. We decided to 2 days in Zurich and stay at Travelodge. From Zurich, the nearest is to visit Rhine Waterfall.

The waterfall is Hugh and vast we had a boat ride into the waters and could see the waterfall more closely. To get a close view from the highest point, there are stairs and a lift to enjoy the scenery. We had booked a private tour, we went to the nearest swiss German border and saw the villages nearby and how the community lives together sharing language and culture. Way back in the evening we booked our train tickets from Zurich to Interlaken and Lucerne.

We enjoyed traveling around Switzerland by Trains, the best trains in the world. They are very well engineered and extravagant. Our train to Interlaken was double Dakar, very much empty and quite silent. In April it was cloudy and a bit rainy. The period to travel was a mix of winter about to finish and summer almost coming on its way. It took 1 and 1/2 hours to reach Interlaken. Train travel gives a deeply peaceful view of the landscape. As we approach lakes and mountains it all looked like a fairytale scenic view. From Interlaken we took a bus to our Hotel Berghof Amaranth in wilderswill. Wilders will is a beautiful small village with a small way through the mountains. We search our way to our Hotel which was at the very top end of the village. The village felt quiet and empty once again. We saw few people, especially the old and mid-age group population.


Our next trip was to Jungfraujoch, we took a bus from Interlaken and then a train to reach the top. Europe’s highest train station, 3454m. One of the highest peaks on the planet. Its surrounded by mountains and piles of white snow. We feel we are in clouds a white world at the top.

While our way up the travel guide went through those days with the train line was built and how it was difficult to cut through the solid hard mountains. Many workers sacrifice their lives during this mega-built project. It was a super white world experience that shows the power of wild nature.

Jungfraujoch from my hotel room
Night light at the top of Jungfraujoch

As we return to our Hotel, it was almost evening time we arrange for some Indian food. I went back to my room and had some rest. As I was looking out of my window I was a small light at the top of the mountain. And when I tried to watch it closely with my camera I discovered that it's the TOP point of Jungfraujoch. I was moved and surprised to my depth. It was very beautiful and I felt lucky I got the exact window at the bottom of the Jungfraujoch in this Hotel which I booked randomly. Of course, it's divine bliss!! You ask for nothing and you suddenly have it. That's called super lucky!!

Wegen, Interlaken

On the next day, we catch a train to lucerne, it's an amazing train journey with beautiful scenery. It was a nice bright day with a lot of sunshine. Lakes, mountains, clean valleys…..and silence that looks peaceful. Some other world away from our stressful city world. We visit Mount tiles, At 3032 m, you can enjoy the eternal snow and the beautiful views. This is an ideal trip if you have kids who want to play in the snow. The cable car to the Titlis departs from the town of Engelberg, about 45 minutes from Lucerne.

Lucerne, widerswill
mount titles

A place in heaven, whitewash snow and nothing else…. at the top of the world. We had a whole day around lucerne and back again to wielderswill to Interlaken. You can also visit villages next to wilderswill just as Grindelwald is good for trekking, cycling, and beautiful walks.

It was our last day back in Zurich and a tour around the city. And after that an evening flight back to London. Every moment I felt I have to come back again and again and again. Still, a lot of activities to explore — skiing, mountain climbing, sky diving. I plan to buy a home in wilderswill village, for sure!!

Once you find your destination, dream, and manifest your destination, money comes and goes…it has to flow.

It’s about the experience and the change it brings into your life. You should definitely visit once in your lifetime.