Travel Diaries….Scotland Islands!!

Meenakshi Malthane
5 min readNov 9, 2020
Barra Beaches
Uist cottage

During these corona times its difficult to imagine to get a dream holiday.

After these immense lockdown from March in England, it was high times to go out for something out of this world…..But where to go was a big dilemma, with this default mandatory condition of social distancing, quarantine and not to go in the crowded places. As the summer holidays were coming to an end with hardly a week away we desperately wanted to go somewhere. One of our cousins decided a place and we were quick to join them. It was out of the blue, we didn’t knew where we will land up just the idea to be out of the house was immensely overwhelming.

I got some clothes together packed our bag, I was not bleeding so I had a relief. ThankGod no timer at the back of my brains!!! This is so girlish timer…ahahah

Day before we had a phone call with the cousin he just told us we are heading at South UIST scotland islands and the rest nearby islands to follow. We blindly said yes, we are ready let’s go. From Euston we went to coventry at our cousins places during the afternoon times. We were 4 adults and 3 children.

1 of 7 seater vauxhall zafira. we looked at the map, asking how we plan to travel? and my cousin is a crazy driving fan who made us sick( one for eating indian food and 2 for making the car so smelly). He just said don’t worry I will drive to USIT let see whole night out drive if possible. And I got a blank for a second. No, I said we should rest somewhere at midnight. He said I love driving, leave it to me. we left at 6:30pm and went to Scotland on the M6 for 12 hour journey, Sandbach Services we had a break. Then headed towards Southwaite Services for our dinner break around 5 hours drive. We search for some B&B but fail to get any last minute booking. Also we need to get the ferry to suit which was at 11 am in morning. And the next road around Glasgow.

We decided to drive ahead bcoz we couldn’t stop and we had to catch the ferry. Midnight driving, long roads, quiet night some city roads and some farm ways and town ways leading towards countryside. As we were beyond 2 o clk midnight, suddenly a police car approached us we stop and they were just curious where are we travelling in dense midnight.

We had a chit chat and moved on….. cool we been followed as well !! Surprise surprise….we all were sleepy it was important to halt at a place and take a nap. And heading ahead after few hours nap we went around water side fort williams followed by Loch Eli visiting Saint Mary & saint final catholic church– to see the sunshine near mountains and the loch. It was beautiful morning in nature. We were super hungry and needed to catch a ferry. You can catch a ferry from Isle of skye for 1 and 1/2 hour.

We landed south Uist and headed towards our booked cottage. It was very new and well organised rooms and service Equipped. We took plenty of food for the kitchen before our ferry journey from the mainland. Now this was just a small island with few homes and small villages. We were dying to go to nearby beaches. We started to plan our day. One on the west of Dalighburgh, sandy beach. It was empty and white sand and blue waters. We relaxed watching the sunset. Cooking was amazing fun and light mood to enjoy our next day trip one on the west of Bavilanch. The island is with farm fields and farm animals — sheep, cow, york, horses and the next 2 days one in Eriskay beaches with fishing and the final day the one in Traigh A Bhaigh ( in Barra )beaches. It has small villages and everyone knows everyone. We found the quietest place with all beaches were empty, surrounded by farm fields and individual houses. The Best peaceful trip ever, 5 days went fast. I loved the village lifestyle and small island with animals and farms pure sheppard culture surrounded the beaches and mountains. You should all visit ones….While coming back we came going around The Isle of skye's which is very beautiful.

Please check the calm photos below.

Barra and Eriskay beaches
Castlebay and ferry
relax pony living their life
York and cows in farm fields

There was not a single building. There were all services available just 1 co-op for a single village. It was so peaceful, we wished we could stay here forever. And live a carefree life. One day I will be finding my peaceful place like this one.

I recommended please visit Islands of Scotland…