True love does exist !!

Meenakshi Malthane
3 min readAug 19, 2020


True love is divinely guided. It’s pure, unconditional, boundless, deep love.

We shared a beautiful energies full of passion, intimacy, attraction and full of love accepting each other as we saw each other. Irrespective of our distance we did feel each other and can sense our energies. Even if we look into each other eyes we didn’t even need to talk. This was really amazing and real.

I never felt this, what I have with you.Of course this was new and scary, I can see what I never thought I will ever find.I was scared to lose it.

No doubt it doesn’t fit into current world. but I was happy.

I gave you so much love, care and attention. I invested all I had but unfortunately you didn’t realise. I was losing myself in these energies. You decided to give all your attention to your life and people around you. Of course this was unfair. Selfish and Arrogant. You taking energies from one person and giving to other people. On top of that – your ego got hurt when I walk away for my own good. Bcoz the relationship was not serving me. You need balance energies to share, equal give and take matters.

You calculated practically where you going to gain most. In love, people calculate too? Mind rules over hearts. Also due to locations, you wanted to leave. And as I walk away surprisingly you got a reason – to avoid me, you tried to push me away, you blocked me on my face, you hurt me and our love bond. You had no time for me when I needed you. When I had things to share. You didn’t care to respond. You didn’t even call me bcoz you were busy entertaining the world .

Karmic relationships are fully conditional and with religious ties. You blinded by your ego mask. You hurt yourself deeply. By pushing me away. Deep down you exactly knew what we felt for each other. Our subconscious feeling are our true feelings. It’s easy to hide them from the outside world.

You, Pretended being aloof thinking “ I am fine. It doesn’t bother me. life goes on…I have other important things to resolve”.You followed an illusion. Compulsive Relationship which are based on trade-off benefits are shallow.

I don’t support player energies and you don’t want to commit. You wanted a time pass relationship. But true love never hides. You treated me like an option that is too low vibrational energy to be in.

You loved me but scared to let me in. Bcoz of insecurities, self worth and fear. Even I felt the same, I am human too. With time we go mature, we will find out true path.

I have my divine to guide and protect me. So we do have free will to choose what’s best for us. You did choose, wish you all the. best !! There are no grudges just a painful heart. Trust takes time.

Pure unconditional love!

True Love do exist, is rare and very beautiful if you value and respect it. Nurture it with kindness, love and gratitude this is the only condition.

Lots of love… your true love!!