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Meenakshi Malthane
4 min readDec 28, 2021


North. Indian’s !!

(behind the scene’s …..)

A generation of wealth pass on from forefathers, which is generally hidden secret. And a good income full time salary to run the house, by the husband. if not job then doing business for sure.

Most of the north Indian families have multiple source of income legal or illegal /some hidden or some known. These families are controlled by the head of the family male or female. The one authoritative figure who has all the assets under his signature. These families are very well to do. If the wife is working they have to have big homes , two wheelers, four wheeler, maids, cooks or nannies. even if not working she makes sure over the period of time she gets all.

They have a deep argue to maintain high status. They have to have a maid, cook and vehicle. Otherwise its becomes a low status class. There kids mostly get all their wishes fulfilled and pampered to the most so that when they grow up they surrender to the family laws or rules or setup.

If you look at the wife’s. They are active, smart, highly manipulative and calculative. The way of life is set or on the way to make it set in a certain way is deeply rooted by family culture system.

Always make sure you are in control, you regularly go parlous, you regularly go club parties or society ladies group. The women micro manages the kitchen and the home. She make sure they have all high end stuff and if not design brand but a fake ones at least. Jewelries and clothes play a important part of the whole DNA. They can do anything to get this fulfilled. Do part time jobs / call centers or do a home business. Some make sure “you are talk of the town”. Most of the time goes comparing ( with relatives, friends and neighbor's) and analyzing the materialistic achievements. Eating out on weekends is a trend to follow, spending even if things are not required. Celebrating just because the whole world is doing it. There is no check on happiness.

The same pattern is repeated in all the families. They work super hard to get all these desires fulfilled. They don’t know why they are doing it or what they want from this. But due to influence of society and community culture everything is followed religiously. few individual can rebel this which is real and have to face strong opposition from family. They generally are ignored or left alone in their life.

Most of the young girls know they have to get some set of education and job and get married is the final destination. To reach here, they could try most of the things. They have to get a job, wear branded clothes, manage to set up a wealthy husband (ex: MBA)by family setup or give dowry in marriages if possible. So the girl is taken care of.

After marriage its a set life. All steps are same followed by all. Even if she works or not. maids, cooks, cars, drivers all is set. Men take care of most financial situations. They are mandatory force to give everything. Or they thing its their primary duty to shoulder all responsibilities. In most of the cases responsibilities are not shared equally. This angle may look extreme but their is a hidden rat race energy which runs this dynamics.

If they have it, me too should have it. or something much bigger than that.

Most of the decisions are not based on passion for life or purpose of life. But to compare and achieve a social status in society. Or rather than what I need to do for myself or self growth. All moral and ethics are pushed under the carpet for good. Most of these people seriously don’t know the essence of life or how to live a life. They are merely following a karmic pattern of followed lifestyle from generations.

They make sure, get as much comfortable as possible in this lifestyle. So their future is secure. Make sure you have 2 kids, one boy at least. The women is busy into her day-to-day life and the man is busy earning hard in the outside world. These are 2 people busy in their own way. Most of the wishes are fulfilled by husband or the children’s. In almost 80% of the cases.

No one cares for emotional, mental or physical satisfaction. Everyone is calculating what I am getting out of this- situation in a most practical way.

Of course their is family love, get-together, planning and sharing. But when it come to money everyone is direct and to the point and they know what they want for themselves.

Going to foreign lands is a big craze. If you do that, their is no life elsewhere.

Mostly 100% all of them try that. 90% surely succeed. They go into fast forward rat race to prove themselves. We are successful ….. From 70th centenary you see the same repetitive pattern of lifestyle. Only difference is the materially objects vary. Today in this digital age, smart phone and advance technology everyone is living a nuclear individual life. A hidden life!!

Everyone is wearing this mask of fake life. Far away from their conscience living. They are still not awaken to their karmic patterns of behavior. Its highly advisable to change these for better family and society growth in a healthy way.

This is just the surface I am scratching. it is deep rooted in the system, only mother earth knows how to uproot all these karmic patterns of human behavior.

They are still far asleep… to their own true potential. What far more then can achieve then just their society monetary goals.

(This pattern may be seen anywhere, I am just taking a example of north India which is highly visible)